Immaterial birthday presents for your loved ones

Friends at Birthday Party --- Image by © Corbis

These days, it gets harder and harder to come up with original birthday presents for our loved ones. Having experienced several birthdays, you will have used every birthday present you can think of and you are probably running out of ideas that are not cheesy. Although giving material presents can be really fun, it can also be good to think in another direction. Immaterial presents create memories you .. throughout your whole life and strengthens your relationship. To inspire your creativity, here are 4 awesome birthday ideas!


A picnic in the park

Who doesn’t want to be surprised with food? Personally, I think it is one of the best gifts to give. There is nothing better than enjoying your food while chatting with your friends. Invite your best friends and decorate a nice spot in the park with balloons and other colourful decoration. Pick a nice carpet to place all your delicious foods on and choose your friend’s favourite dishes to prepare. If your friend is a fan of cooking, you could also prepare the foods and juices together and afterwards enjoy it together. Get inspired by these 23 easy picnic recipes.


A weekend trip


There is nothing better than exploring new cities with your loved one. You will remember it for the rest of your life and it doesn’t even have to be so expensive! If you book in advance , you can easily book nice trips for little money. Just tell your friends to pack their bags for a weekend and don’t tell them where you are going until you are at the airport to surprise them even more. For accommodation, definitely go for an Airbnb as you will have the choice out of the most authentic apartments ever and you even have locals that can tell you the best spots to go to!


A fine dining experience


We talked about a simple picnic before but with birthdays you also can go bolder with a fancy restaurant in KL. It is always nice to completely dress up, do each other’s make up and go fine dining in KL. For a real fine dining experience, Marble 8 will offer you everything you will need. This lounge in KL will offer you dinner while enjoying the skyline of KL, which is definitely an unforgettable experience. When you make a reservation, make sure to tell the restaurant it is your friend’s birthday. There might be a chance that she will be surprised with a nice little birthday cake.

A pampering day


Bring your friend along on a day where you can completely relax and have all the time for yourselves. Take your friend to a spa where both of you can indulge in massages, full body scrubs, steam rooms jacuzzi and everything you need to unwind and forget about your busy lives. As birthdays are often quite busy days with lots of plans, family visits, and felicitations, you can for example plan this relaxing spa in the morning. This way your friend will have a great start and completely be well rested and energized for the rest of her birthday.

5 Italian Dishes You Probably Haven’t Tasted Before

We all know the Italian cuisine is delicious. Name a few Italian dishes and you will probably say pasta, pizza or tiramisu which you can find in any Italian restaurant in KL. But these master chefs actually have so many other dishes to offer that are amazing and definitely worth trying! These probable unknown dishes will definitely make your mouth water and definitely tip the experience of fine dining in Kuala Lumpur.



Ice-cream based on olive oil


This Tuscany-origined recipe may sound a bit strange. Ice-cream based on olive oil? Aren’t you supposed to use olive oil with baking? Actually olive oil gives the ice cream a much tastier flavour. You can easily make this yourself, just buy some vanilla ice cream and mix it with some olive oil. Add a bit of salt to increase the taste and you are ready to enjoy. Your fine dining Kuala Lumpur experience has never been so good!


Eggplant with tomato sauce and mozzarella

I also call this recipe a taste explosion. Cut the eggplant in slices and grill them with some salt and pepper. Mix the tomatoes with some basil and cook it for 15 minutes. Now just pretend that you are making lasagne by making different layers of tomato sauce and eggplant slices and top it off with some mozzarella. Lastly put it in a oven (180 degrees) for 30 minutes and here you have your eggplant lasagne!


French bread with an Italian twist

You won’t find this recipe often in a restaurant in KL, but it is oh-so-delicious to make it at home for breakfast or lunch. This recipe is a variant of the traditional french toast. But as we already guessed, the Italians could not resist to include wine in this already-delicious recipe. Get your one- day-old bread, pass it through some sweetened milk. Afterwards place it in a mixture of egg, lemon and white wine and fry it in a pan. Lastly sprinkle some sugar on top and your grown-up french toast is ready!


Chicken cacciatore

You can personalize this dish completely up to your own preferences! Cut vegetables you like in small pieces and bake them together with chicken, some water and spices. Add some wine and later add tomatoes, brown sugar, balsamic, rosemary and a bouillon. Let this cook for at least 30 minutes and when the sauce is thick enough, it is ready to serve. This dish is perfect for dipping your bread, like Italians love to do, and accompanied with a good glass of wine.


Roman style artichokes

This last dish will definitely surprise your guests and what is even better is that it is so easy to make (don’t tell them though..). First peal off the leaves till they become softer, cut them in half and after this trim the stem till around 2 to 3 inches. Sprinkle the artichokes all over with some lemon juice and leave them soaking in a bowl for some minutes. Then fry the artichokes in a pan for 10 minutes and afterwards drain them on paper towels. When ready, sprinkle some sea salt and pepper and your artichokes are finito!

How To Revamp Your Outdoor Space Into A Dream Garden

So you have a home and lucky you, even an outdoor space. However you never got to utilise those space and turn it into place you’d like to spend hours in it just relaxing or reading your favourite book. An interesting way to go around to giving your outdoor space a makeover is to think of the elements you want to convey with your surroundings. Be it a romantic garden, a calming Eastern oasis, or a rustic chic space – whatever you decide, make sure your garden has plenty of elements that reflect your style and taste. Those with small spaces in their gardens or front yards, they too can maximise their outdoor surroundings by implementing some colour and personality through various methods aside from just planting. Here are some tips you can use to evolve your outdoor home space into a dream garden you have ever wished for.

1. Enhance your entry area

An essential key to an inviting garden is to build up the entrance. Create a natural surrounding of clustering plants, humble potting sheds and vine-covered walls to bring you a warmer welcome. You can even unmatch your garden furniture to lend an informal feeling when one makes their step into the garden. Always plant scented plants next to paths and doors where you can be enveloped in aromatic floral scents for the added dose of calmness.

2. Sharpen the edges

Creating well-defined edges using concrete edging lends a well cared for look to all kinds of landscape. Not only does it delineates flower beds and garden edging, the clean-cut concrete pavers establish a formal border for defining and organizing small spaces. For a natural look well suited to larger landscaped areas, curved earthen edges can be considered. Concrete edging installation may be a heavy burden to do on your own so you best be hiring a professional installer to whip up that task.

3. Climb up walls

Blend into the surrounding landscape by growing some plants up against the sides of the walls of the building or fences. A pruning method called espalier, is popular in Europe as a space-saving way to cultivate fruit and a decorative technique for formal gardens. Key to using espalier to enhance a building’s walls is using anchoring system that suits your siding, keeps shoots from rubbing against it or adhering to it. This also avoids damaging or restricting the plants’ growth whilst flowers may still bloom beautifully.

4. Pick the right grass

There are two categories for grass: warm-season and cool-season. If you live in warmer regions, you may consider grasses like St. Augustine, Bermuda, buffalo and zoysia. This is because these grasses typically require full sun to thrive to achieve their peak growth during the summer. For the best looking, easiest to maintain lawn, plant grass varieties that are well-suited to your climate and the garden’s intended use.

5. Add a gate

Gates can be aesthetically useful to a garden to make bold transitions of two distinctly different spaces to adjoin together. Having a gate could add a unique element to your garden for visitors who enter or exit your lush greenery premise. If you are no fan of gates, you can use garden arbors entwined with climbing roses as a separator to create a simple vista. This doubles up as a “view frame” to your lovely home.

Need help on how to utilise and beautify your small balcony? Read all about it.

Tips For Creating A Bigger Appearance In Your Bathroom



Unfortunately, we are not all blessed with a big bathroom where there is space to have an evening stroll from your bath to your sink. With a small bathroom, often people feel very limited in their preferences and don’t really know the best ways to furnish their bathroom. The following tips will make your bathroom appear bigger and make sure you can really use all your available space.




This especially counts for the shower in a small bathroom. An open shower with glass partitions or even a walk-in shower is a good choice to create more space. Folding glass doors tend to create a bigger visual appearance than a tiled door as there are no hidden corners.


Usage of colours

Definitely avoid dark colours and the usage of multiple colours at the same time. This will only make your bathroom appear smaller. Instead, try maybe 1 or maximum 2 light hues in your bathroom. Light colours are perfect for reflecting the daylight which makes your bathroom appear bigger, especially when your windows are not that big.  


Choice of tiles

Even the choice of tiles has an influence on your bathroom’s space. Dark tiles are especially not a good option as it creates a very ‘pressing’ feeling. Go for light, big tiles. Besides, if you use the same tiles for your wall and floor, your bathroom will look even more spacious.


Mirror mirror on the wall

In a small bathroom, mirrors are your best friend. They reflect the light from outside. Therefore, place your mirror always at a place in your bathroom where they can reflect the most light from. You can even go for a big mirror from the floor to the ceiling because they will enlarge your bathroom.




Alleviation also plays a big role in creating more space. Try and let as much natural light in as you can. You can even hire glaziers & glass services to enlarge your windows, but if this is not possible you can allay the rest with placed lamps.
A tip for this, is adjustable lightning. With these you can adjust them to all the corners you want. Especially light the darkest corners of your bathroom because you want every corner of your bathroom bathed in light, as darker corners make your room smaller.


Combine things

Combine wherever you can. A cupboard with a washbasin and storage space in one will save you a lot of unnecessary space. The same counts for build-in products. These days there are a lot of options ranging from a build-in toilet to a build-in tap. These options looks spacious and modern at the same time!

The very last tip we are giving you is to keep your bathroom tidy. This might not be easy at times, but it will give your bathroom a calm appearance. As long as you are following these tips, you’ll make the most out of the available space you have.


How to Utilise & Beautify Your Mini Balcony

We know that balcony spaces come in many different shapes and sizes, but a small place doesn’t have to cloud over your sunny day. Many however do not fully utilise their balcony and sometimes left untouched because they simply don’t want to go out. Modern homes have balconies where frameless glass balustrade are installed instead of the traditional stair spindles. You can actually transform your bare looking balcony into a chic retro setting with some skills. Even how limited space your balcony has, it only takes some time, effort and knowledge to fully utilise and beautify your little balcony. Below are what you should consider to create that dream balcony of yours.

1. Space for people

Stackable chairs and stools are perfect for those extra guests popping over your little cozy balcony. A drop-leaf table gives you the flexibility you need when your friends and family visit, so there’s always a legroom for everyone. When it comes to storage, place it up on wall shelves. Who knows you can even have enough capacity for a mini bbq? Play around with arrangements to get a spacious area enough to be comfortable in.

2. Cozy reading nook

Bookworms won’t be left out. Turn your balcony into a perfect reading spot where you would want to spend hours in it. Think big cushions with adorable textiles on a wooden bench, curtain shields and a little coffee table.

3. Get into your zen

The balcony could be your creative meditation space where you go into the deep zones of relaxation for the mind, body and soul. Most importantly you need enough room for meditation and yoga, so keep in mind to get proper flooring for this. Hardwood or bamboo flooring would be ideal. For that extra calming vibe, you can add mini fountain bowls and create a little zen garden consisting of stacked stones at the corner of your balcony.

4. Romantic candlelight

How about an intimate atmosphere by adding candles and lanterns to your balcony? The candle light gives you an ultimately romantic setting to your summer evenings. If you want more privacy, you can install some blinds or add tall plants to shield yourself from getting over exposed to your neighbours. Without a doubt that your balcony could turn out to be your own mini couple’s hideout!

5. Incorporate a mini garden

A balcony won’t be complete without having some plantation decor. To save up space, go for railing planters where they are seated on the balustrade & balustrading installation instead of taking up unnecessary space on the floor. You can also opt for your plants to go vertical by putting up vertical planters. This gives your balcony that added nature atmosphere that’s pleasing to the eyes.

How does your dream balcony look like? Share with us below!

5 Rooftop Bars With A Stunning View

Why party with two feet on the ground when you can take it higher up? Imagine: a glowy sunset, spectacular view over the Kuala Lumpur city lights while enjoying signature cocktails. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Yes, that’s why we listed the 5 best rooftop KL bars because this city sure knows how to party in style!

Marini’s on 57


This is one of the newest and highest rooftop bars KL has to offer. Here you can start your evening in the lounge, where you can enjoy the extensive cigar collection and some drinks. After this, continue your evening on the terrace, where you will have the closest (and highest) view on the Petronas Twin Towers in whole of KL and drink premium champagnes. Lastly enjoy your night with some high quality fine-dining in the restaurant. This bar has got everything it takes to bring your evening (literally) to the next level.


Heli Lounge Bar


This is personally one of my favorites. The unique concept, atmosphere and the fact that it has no windows makes this place magical. This bar is situated on a real helicopter landing stage, so it will offer you a real-life 360 view over the city and a very close view on the Petronas Towers and KL Tower. So great! Make sure you get here between 6pm to 9pm to get free entry. This rooftop bar also has an indoor bar, completely aviary-themed with real items from Boeing 747!


View Rooftop Bar


This rooftop bar takes your party 34 floors up on the G Tower. It is situated in the middle of Kuala Lumpur which will offer you a great view over the city. Fun fact: the G Tower was the first building in Malaysia to use recycled materials for their construction. They recently also made a big renovation in the bar to make it more sustainable and protected against weather conditions. Recommendations for when you go here are their signature, colourful cocktails and lamb hamburgers.


The 39 Restaurant


As a lot of rooftops in KL offer international cuisine, this one finally fulfills your cravings to Malay cuisine. On top of PNB Darby Park, you will find this authentic, modern Malay restaurant. Here the focus is on the presentation of the food and on using only the highest quality in ingredients. Prepare yourself for a traditional, fine looking Malay dinner that serves only non-alcoholic drinks such as teh tarik and kopi-o coffee.


Mai Bar 

International cocktails, small bites, relaxing music, comfortable lounges and a spectacular view. A great place to watch the sunset and celebrate the weekend with your friends. This funky rooftop bar will get you in the party mode with all its colourful lights, the swimming pool and major tiki totems. Mai Bar is very easy to access as it’s just meters away from KL Sentral. Recommendations for this bar are the cocktails: Malaysian Princess Mai Tai. In this cocktail you will again find the tiki-theme, as the cocktails are served in a Tiki-themed mug. How creative!

6 Malaysian Ways To Show Your Friends You Appreciate Them


“Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.”― Muhammad Ali

Friends have been with you through good and bad times. They accept you for your awkwardness, authentic self and best of all, they still love you for it. However, sometimes you get a sense that you wish you could let that person know just how much they actually mean to you.

So, how do you go about it, especially in Malaysia?

1. Food is on you


Quite obviously in Malaysia, it’s indeed all about the food. Your friend won’t say no to free food because someone’s going to belanja. Bring them to a rooftop restaurant in KL such as Marini’s on 57 for a delectable fine dining cuisine. If you are on a budget, you don’t need to go somewhere too expensive. Consider having catch up sessions at open air cafes like Oregi. It’s cost-effective and the food will not disappoint. As a matter of fact, their best dishes like pomodoro beef ball pasta and shish tawok are simply addictive. Sometimes you’ll question if they actually add “extra” substances into their dishes for its deliciousness.

2. Durian season? Invite them for a feast


Malaysians love durian. End of story. When the annual durian season arrives, no doubt you have to go to the durian buffet and devour the king of fruits. Treat your friend to some durians and they won’t forget you as a friend for awhile. Just like how the smell of durian won’t disappear off your fingers even after washing them.

3. Buy them a movie ticket


A standard movie ticket would only cost you RM14. Golden Screen Cinemas, TGV, MBO Cinemas – it’s your pick. If you’re in a jolly well mood, go for a movie marathon. Got some extra cash to spend? No sweat. They have IMAX for movie buffs like you and your friend to enjoy the movie with epic sound systems and extra comfortable seats.

4. Pop a few drinks at the rooftop bar


Does your friend feel the need to unwind their day? Bring them to places like Changkat Street or a rooftop bar to sip on some of the best signature cocktails. When the night is still young, head over to Zouk Club situated at TREC, and let them unleash their inner party animal. However, be responsible if they ever get pissed drunk. Your job is to make them have a good time and get them home safe and sound.

5. Offer them a ride


Let’s just say everyone likes being picked up from their doorstep. If they live around your neighbourhood, why not carpool together so that you guys could have a little bonding session during the journey? Besides, you are basically going that extra mile for them.

6. Go on a spontaneous road trip


When you and your friend are absolutely sick of the KL view, you can randomly plan a road trip down south to Melaka for satay celup or up north to Penang for a bowl of wholesome assam laksa. Don’t want to go too far? Klang bak kut teh can be an ideal choice of meal too. Does sound like a good idea already, doesn’t it? Malaysians travel all out just to satiate their tummies anyway. Food in this country is serious business!

So have you done any of these to show your appreciation to your beloved friends? Start now if you haven’t. Just don’t berkira-kira with them in the end.

Taman Negara Malaysia

Most people think that the Amazon in Latin America is the oldest rainforest in the world but investigators have proven that this isn’t the case. The oldest rainforest in the world is actually based in Malaysia. Taman Negara actually means ‘national park’ in the local language. Luckily the rainforest hadn’t had to interfere with deforestation yet and remains in its original state. Taman Negara is 4343 km² and takes about four hours from Kuala Lumpur to reach.


If you want a real jungle experience, definitely check out Taman Negara in Malaysia. There are actually a lot of activities you could undertake in this national park. If you like fishing you probably won’t be disappointed since the rivers are full of fish. Of course you can also just float on the rivers and enjoy the best nature has to offer. Others prefer to explore this amazing rainforest by foot during long hikes. The most impressive attraction of them all would be the canopy walk. The canopy walk is an enormous gangway 45 meters above the ground. The one in Taman Negara is around 500 meters long and therewith one of the longest in the world.

Taman Negara is well known for its wildlife preservation but because the park is so large the change on spotting wild animals is fairly small. A monkey hanging on a branch or some beautiful colored birds are likely to encounter. You need a lot of luck will you be able to shoot a picture of a wild cats, rhino or some tigers. Nevertheless the park also has an amazing flora with different kind of plants.


For visitors of the park I suggest to pack some mosquito spray and long socks for the bloodsuckers. Leave your heavy bag at the hotel during hiking trips and drink enough water. It’s also good to know that a lot of accommodations in Taman Negara don’t have Wifi yet so be sure to contact your internet service provider if you want unlimited isp in this area. Naturally there are people who can’t go anywhere without having Internet from a Malaysian internet service provider. In my opinion you really don’t need Internet seen the place is absolutely incredible. Humans haven’t left their footprint in this area yet so try keep it that way.

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5 Mobile Apps That You Actually Need

We work, we play, we socialize, we stay connected online using our trusty mobile devices. From sending emails, texting, GPS navigation, media entertainment, using a built-in camera, no one could have predicted that a mobile device would evolve to become such an important digital role in our lifestyle nowadays. Have you realised how important some of the mobile apps on your smartphones are? How would you be able to check the traffic that’s going out of town if not because of Google Maps, or, how will you know how the weather would be after 6pm? All these important information we need are now available in apps while connected to mobile broadband.

Here we have combined the 5 mobile apps you need to use for your daily life.

1. Spotify


Downloading music is illegal unless you buy off your favourite songs on iTunes. Your best bet to “free” music would be Spotify. Stream music of all genres for free, but in one condition. There will be occasional ads being played at the very beginning of a track. Plus you can’t select the track that you want in an album, and would have to deal with shuffle music in random. You can subscribe to Spotify at a small fee. Just RM14 per month and it solves that problem. Unlimited music under unlimited data plan, what’s there not to ask for?

2. Hulu


This is an excellent app for those who love watching movies and TV shows. This free service relies on ads, but the good thing is that there are certainly a great range of shows available. To access all of the content, you need to pay a subscription fee, but there is still an extensive assortments of shows available without the need of subscription at all. This includes the classic comedies like Family Guy, South Park and Seinfeld.

3. Camera360 Ultimate


The built-in camera is good, but the Camera360 Ultimate is even better. It offers so many kinds of features, including more than 200 filters, NFC photo sharing and loads of one-touch fixing tools. These adjustment options are simply powerful and easy to use, making Camera360 Ultimate a great choice for photographers of all levels.

4. Endomondo


So you have a sudden urge to lose weight and jogging is one of the ways to do that. In order to measure your performance, Endomondo can help track the distance and time of your run. All you need to do is switch on the GPS function on your smartphone, strap your phone onto your arm or waistband, and get out to run! It detects the distance accurately and once you done, you can end the application and it will show you your personal best records. Endomondo can also be used for cycling. In addition to that, you can link Endomondo onto your MyFitnessPal app to further track your total calories burned. Using even the cheapest mobile broadband will be able to connect you through this.

5. Uber


The best app ever if you need to get around town! Sometimes the local taxis can be pretty anal when comes to mileage charges. We are thankful for the existence of Uber. You can grab a ride at low rates with UberX (even cheaper than a normal taxi!). If you wish to go for a more premium feel, you may opt for the Black Uber car – they arrive at your doorstep in pretty awesome and classy rides like Mercedes, BMW, Audi or even Jaguar if you’re in your best luck. The best part is that you need not pay your driver in cash. Just insert your credit card number into the Uber app and the charges will be made automatically once the ride is over.

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