Silky, smooth skin thanks to scrub!

Your moment to relax

Not just your face but also the rest of your body is experiencing adverse effects of too much UV radiation, exhaust fumes, heating and today’s hectic lifestyle. A body treatment is therefore a must!


Scrubbing is a known body treatment in Malaysia. It is a way to remove dead skin cells on your skin and reveal a new, healthy skin. There are two types of scrubs: The physical and chemical scrub.


Physical scrub – What are physical scrubs? Perhaps you’re already familiar with some physical scrubs. A washcloth is an example of a physical scrub, so also infused a body wash with exfoliating grains and a loofah. In a physical scrub the dead skin cells are removed by means of friction. The physical scrub and a scrubbing motion provide the result.

Chemical scrub – A chemical scrub removes dead skin cells. Chemical scrubs in cleaning products are often made of mild acids. Mild acids work by dissolving the adhesive, which connects the dead skin cells with the rest of the cells.


Scrubbing is one of the best techniques to be used for the solution of various skin problems. There are all sorts of body treatment in KL. We have listed some of the many skin problems that can be corrected by scrubbing.



Impure Skin – If you have problem skin, regular exfoliation can do wonders. By exfoliating, you remove the dead skin cells that have accumulated on your skin. This keeps your pores clean and the chance of outbreaks reduced. Make sure you use a scrub that suits your skin type. There are scrubs with small grains and some contain micro scrubs. If you have sensitive skin, a scrub with micro scrubs is ideal because it is gentle to the skin.

Dark / red spots after an outbreak – Pimples often leave red or dark patches behind. Exfoliating can help fade these spots. The more you scrub, the lighter these spots will be. By exfoliating, the damaged tissue is removed from the skin surface and stimulates the formation of new, healthy skin tissue.

Hyperpigmentation – Do you have brown patches on your skin? Age, pregnancy, hormonal changes and genetics can cause hyperpigmentation, resulting in brown spots on the skin. As you get older, these brown spots became more noticeable. Scrubbing breaks the pigmented cells and allow them to fade over time.


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Massage in Kuala Lumpur

A moment of relaxing in Kuala Lumpur

Every now and then, everyone needs a good massage. Even if you don’t have any physical complaints, you may need your moment to just relax and let go of all the accumulated stress. But what type of massage should you choose and where can you find the good massage parlours?

Different types of massage treatments

There are a lot of different types of massages, but the one you should REALLY try when you’re in Malaysia is, obviously, the Traditional Malay Massage. For hundreds of years, this form of massage was catered only for the royal families, but now, this form of massage has made its way into many local spas. The therapist uses elbow to the fingertips area to apply long kneading strokes. The therapist focuses on the muscles and applies pressure to various points on the body. Traditionally, there is no oil used, but nowadays, many spas use aromatic natural oils to make the kneading easier and smoother.

Another popular massage treatment you will probably find in a massage salon in Kuala Lumpur is the Swedish Massage. This massage relieves sore muscles and improves blood circulation. This can be done easy and gently or intensely, depending on your request and the therapist’s style.

Finally, the massage you definitely have to experience is the Thai Massage. It is also called Yoga Massage because the therapist moves you into yoga-like stretches, using full strength from the hands, knees, legs and feet for the many stretch poses.

Your moment to relax
Your moment to relax

Where to find a good massage?

There are plenty of good massage parlours in Kuala Lumpur, but how exactly do we find the one? Luckily, there is a website where you can find the best treatment for you according to your own preference and needs in just a few clicks. You can also see the venues’ service listings, prices, locations and special promotions. All that you need, in one single website. Isn’t that just peachy?!

Tune Talk Review On Mobile Prepaid Packages

Tune Talk: My 2015 Review On The affordable Mobile Prepaid Packages

Once I went with Tune Talk, it had been for a couple of reasons; the first being unlike most telecommunication provider in Malaysia, you won’t experience additional expenses or hidden costs! So other than the cost-transparency aspect, after I picked Tune Talk as my telco provider I checked out speed, quota, stability and cost.


I cannot live without the internet, so when I first consider mobile prepaid data packages, price isn’t primary thing I go to, it’s quota, however Tune Talk’s Tatata Plans do start at an exceptionally low introduction rate of RM25 with a max quota limit of 1GB; which is a very good bargain in my opinion.Now every provider says they’re able to get this speed or that speed, but one thing to never forget is the kind of internet network offered; as an example, Tune Talk offers 4G LTE network that’s known to be the fastest mobile data network available.Although data and overall mobile plan price are a biggy to me,

I cant do without an affordable call rate, because who doesn’t like direct and fast communication? And phone calls remain as one of the fastest communication channel, which ends up in one other reason why I prefer TuneTalk; their call rate is only 10 cents a minute! Local call rates aside, I take notice of the international call rates (IDD) too, and so far I’m pleased about the international rates by TuneTalk; no surprises there though,

they’re known as the best prepaid plan to travellers in Malaysia. I am not sure about you, but when I travel I really don’t always get wifi, and that is when data roaming gets handy; I normally just get their Daily Unlimited Data Roaming at RM38 which in my opinion is a major win, just bear in mind this plan only apply to about 9 countries in Asia – but you can generally opt for Daily 100MB Data Roaming Plan at RM80 per day or Pay Per Use plan that starts from as low as RM12 per MB.

So the above is barely my personal opinion and experiences, so do not take my word for it, go and look for several other blogs and reviews and see what they have to say.